Doublewood Denim : BTS

I meet Jeffrey and the Doublewood Denim team a few years ago over a few beers in downtown Oakland.  We had a vision for filming a mini doc telling the story of Doublewood Denim's journey. After many months of finding the right time to produce this film it came time to start working on the pre production.  

I'm a huge fan of using evernote on all my projects so that is where I started.  I start by gathering stills and frames from movies or films I like.  I collect all this together along with any notes into an evernote project. 

I always lay out all my shot-list & lighting diagram's a few days before the shoot.  Starting early in the morning we lit the room for the interview.  I wanted to stay simple and use our locations natural light as much as possible.  

I planned on using only one 650 par as a kicker and ended up with just using the natural light in the room.  Our camera setup was simple as well, single camera interview with a C100 and mostly shot on 35mm & 50mm lenses.  

I've learned that keep your lighting and camera set up simple really lets the story craft itself.  Its the little things that enhance your images.  I'm really happy with how these shots came out and I'm excited to finish the edit on this film.