What we do.

To keep it simple, we help promote and market not only your listing, but you as an agent. Providing high-quality marketing material, digital marketing consulting and simple, easy to use services.  Our mission is to serve you in developing the best possible photo, video and web design for your listing so you can focus on building relationships with your current and future clients. 

The Problem.

After working in media production for over 10 years I have seen many companies producing great video and photo content only to see it fall short of the audience they were looking to reach. Video, photo, and web design are all great tools for a real estate agent to have, but if they are not carefully curated and marketed correctly they will not reach their desired audience.  Im sure you have felt the pain of spending $500 even $1000 dollars on a great video, only to have it seen by less than 100 people.

The solution.

Our mission is to not only provide great, high-quality content. But to help this content be seen by the audience and potential buyers you want to sell to. I have designed our process to be simple and easy for you to use.  

The process

Photo & Video

We will be working to create high-quality photo and video content that is tailored to the audience and buyers you are trying to reach. Below is our strategy behind our tailored photo and video content. 

  • Market research.
    • We will be performing market research on the age groups, demographics and buyers that are located near your listing.
  • Tailoring content.
    • Each video will be filmed & edited to reach its desired buyers and audience.
    • Using music tracks, cinematography and text animation to reach a specific audience.

All photo and video content will be created within a single day in order keep the process simple and get your content to you in a quick and timely matter. Turn around time will be within 5 days of shooting the content. Revisions and edits will be provided.


Web Design

We will be working to create beautiful and effective websites for each of your listings. We will be using Squarespace to host and design your website as it provides easy tools to create and customize your site. 

  • Website copy.
    • Our copyright team will work to collaborate with you and your team on writing the best copy for your listings website. 
    • We will be using SEO (search engine optimization) tools to be able to drive traffic to the listings website. 

Web design will take up to 5 days to complete once we receive all needed assents and content from the agent. The agent will be asked to fill out a web design form if that service is ordered, this form will ask for all needed information that will be built into website.


SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of using website copy to drive traffic to your site. Some of the most successful companies have simple yet powerful copy written on their website. Using great copy writers and SEO tools we will help you build a strong copy for your website.

For each listing we service, we will provide a digital marketing packet. This is to help you, the agent share this content to the buyers and audience you want to reach.

Here is what your digital marketing packet will include.

  • Video hosting.
    • We will provide you with a list of great video hosting websites that you can host your videos on. 
  • Social marketing.
    • We will advice you on how to use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and twitter.
  • Ad Spend.
    • Using ad spend is a great way to get your listing in front of the right buyers. 
    • We will advise you on easy ways to spend a little extra to get your listing to shine.





Website analytics

We want to go above and beyond just providing you with great content. We want you to be able to see how this content is performing and who is viewing your listings website.  Each week we will be providing you a strong set of analytics from your website.  This will help you make smarter decisions on who your buyers are and the type of content to use in the future. 

Here is what you will be provided.

  • Website view numbers.
  • Website viewership geography
  • Mobile, tablet & desktop views
  • Popular content on your website


Photography. $300

  • Size of listing does not matter. You will get the same quality and deliverables from a 500 square foot home to a 10,000 square foot home.
  • 50 high-quality photos every time.
  • Day time and evening photos are included. 
    • Even if we have to shoot twice in a single day.

Video. $500

  • Size of listing does not matter.
  • 2 to 5 minute high quality video. 
  • Agent interview add $150.
    • This will be a single hour interview.
  • All music will be licensed and customized for each listing.
  • Custom text animation included

Aerial Video. $400

  • 1 to 2 minute aerial video.

Aerial Photo. $200

  • 20 high-quality photos of your listing.

Web Design. $300

  • Includes a 3 tab customized website.
    • Each website will be custom built based on the needs of the listing and the size.
  • Domain and registration is included.
    • We will host your site on Squarespace and register your domain on Squarespace as well. 
  • We will be including all the SEO and website management work.

Full Media Package. $1500

  • Includes all the services listed above.
  • We highly recommend this package to agents as it keeps your photos, video & website consistent. 

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