Studio Tour


Current Studio - 93 Linden Street

My current studio is located at 93 Linden Street in West Oakland. This space is a 2900 square foot two story building with vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light. What you are looking at here is our small studio setup. We typically would place the backdrop or green screen on the white wall and light both the subject and background.

On the far right is one of our edit stations that can be used to edit all video series. Not shown in this image is the teleprompter setup we have. This would be rigged to the front of the camera shown in this image.


The Gear

The camera and lighting gear used in all my video production work is cinema quality. I shoot on a Red Scarlet 4K cinema camera and utilize a mixture of high quality LED lighting. The gear I have chosen allows me to operate with both quality and efficiency.



Edit Station

My office has multiple edit stations but this setup is the most used when it comes to working on day to day projects. I have a background in audio engineering and handle all post production audio and video work from this one station.


New Studio - May 1st

Starting May 1st we will be moving into a new office space located at 2744 East 11th Street in Oakland. This is part of a big move to finish my custom built studio space in the Artthaus building.

In the photo on the left you can see our temporary studio that we will be occupying from May 1st until June 20th. This temporary studio will still be fully functional when it comes to filming any project.

In the photos below you can see the progress of our permanent studio space that will be completed on June 20th.


In the photos shown below are the bones of our future studio that is currently under construction. We will be constructing a 25x25 foot photo wall in the space located in the photo on the right. Two large windows will flood the studio with natural light. In the image on the right you can see the bones of one of the two private offices that will be used for video and photo editing rooms.

image copy.png
image (1) copy.png