ABout Nathaniel Kohfield 

Hi, I’m Nathaniel Kohfield. I am a freelance Director and Cinematographer
who loves partnering with Bay Area businesses, non-profits, and artists to
discover and tell their stories. My expertise showcases the best of my clients’
work, products, or brand stories in a way that compels and expands their audiences.

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What I Do:

If I’m going to share people’s stories, I should probably share mine first. In my childhood and youth I went from Musician to Audio Engineering Student to Self-taught Filmmaking Non-profit Employee to Full-time Freelancing Director
and Cinematographer. In my current role I serve as the Media Director for Dreamcloud LLC, a corporate company that owns multiple ecommerce brands. I work with an in house production team as well as outside freelancers to create commercial and promotional video content that has a combined viewership of 15 million.  This journey allows me to draw inspiration from working
with a diverse and passionate collection of artists, craftsmen, non-profits, small
businesses and successfully funded large corporations. 

Client List:

Red Bull TV
Revel Systems
Nectar Sleep
UENO Digital Agency
Boosted Boards
Doublewood Denim
25th Street Recording