How long have you been working in video and photo production?

I have been creating films for a little over 10 years and have been producing commercial photography for about 5 years.

What type of photo & video equipment do you use?

I use RED cinema cameras for all video production and Canon cameras and glass for all photo production. Our studio is equipped with Kino Flow & Arri lights for video and ProFoto strobes for photography.

What does your team look like?

My team consists of a creative director/set designer, a full-time video editor, full-time photo editor, photographer & videographer and a small team of contract production assistants. I also have a full-time assistant director that works with me on larger commercial productions.

What does your studio look like?

Our studio is a 1700 square foot room located in West Oakland. We have a 20x20 foot cyc wall and 2 10x10 set walls that can be painted and moved.

What type of projects do you work on?

Our bread and butter is photo and video production but we work on almost any project in the visual media/digital marketing world. We have worked on web design, animation, social media management, and digital marketing strategy.

How many clients do you work with?

On average I usually work with about 5 to 6 clients per month. Many of these are ongoing clients that I have been working with for years but I am always willing to take on new clients.

What is your price range?

This can vary depending on the project needs. I have worked with large corporations to small businesses and I will tailor the price to fit the companies budget and needs. I never like to turn a client away due to budget restrictions and will always work to find the right fit for myself and the project needs.

What is your turn around time?

Typically we have a very fast turn around time for projects. Due to having a team of in-house editors, we never like to sit on a project for any longer than needed. Most video & photo projects can be turned around within a week depending on the scope of work.

Do you do wedding photography or videography?

Unfortunately I do not offer wedding videography or photography. Due to the large amount of full-time client work we take, I do not have the time over the weekend to spend on wedding projects. I would be more than happy to refer to a number of friends businesses.

Do you offer real estate photography & videography?

Yes, I do! I have worked on a number of real estate video and photo projects along with building a few websites and running some marketing campaigns for local agents.

Do you offer free consulting?

Typically any phone meetings or in-person meetings are free of charge. However, these meetings are just to talk about my services, rates, and project scope. I may offer advice regarding things your business should be doing in the visual media landscape but will not provide any campaign ideas without charging my consulting fee.

How many successful campaigns have you worked on?

I have completed around 15 successful marketing campaigns a providing the project scope, executing the creative and managing the social and advertising channels. To this date, the largest campaign was seen by over 15 million people and generated around 2.8 million in sales.