Why I Travel

I often get asked why I travel so often. Mostly by family and friends making small comments like, "your traveling again?" or "Your going where?" "How are you doing this?"

Most of the time my answer is why not? Thinking to myself "what the hell is wrong with you, don't you want to travel to?" Or its because I found some amazing deal online and I can't afford not to. But I asked myself this question while I sit here and write this in Reykjavik, Iceland. Why do I travel? For me traveling is so much more than just seeing cool sights and taking photos for some social media account. 

Not to sound cheesy and spiritual here but traveling is healing, therapeutic and life changing. There is something about jumping on a plane to a country or state that you have never seen or been to and just being. Walking around the streets of a foreign country can shape you and allow you to grow in ways I can't fully put into words. For a creative person like myself I get to experience art, food and people in ways I have never experienced before. It takes me out of the norm of my city work life, with the constant rush of commuting, drinking at the same coffee shop every day and eating the same thing for lunch because it's easy. 

That's why I travel, it's not easy. I sure as hell don't always have the money for it and often times have to work extra jobs just to pay for these trips. Sometimes I travel at terrible times of the year where I am slammed with work and have often stayed awake in hotels working on projects while fighting jet lag.  

Traveling is not easy and it's not for everyone. But for me I would not trade anything for he life experiences I have gained through traveling.